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Double Decker Frame Bag

Base price $185

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  • Designs by Kate George

    • Did you know you could add your own custom design for an additional cost?
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      Anyone whose ridden a London double decker bus knows how effective they are at fitting a large crowd of people into a small vertical space. Our Double Decker Frame Bag works the same way, except with your stuff instead of dour Englishmen (no offense).

      Perfect Fit for any Bike

      It doesn't matter whether you have a hardtail, a rigid bike, or a full suspension - all of our frame bags are custom made to fit your bike like a glove. We have an extensive list of saved templates for bike frames - click the button below to see if your bike's on it:

      If we have your bike on file, just enter it in the notes box above. Otherwise, we just need a photo of your bike with a tape measure, and we'll use our PandaVision technology to make a perfectly fitted bag.

      Click here to see the PandaVision instructions.

      Organize Your Stuff

      In the immortal words of Alton Brown, “organization will set you free”. If you have a large frame, using a single zipper frame bag can be a maddening experience. There’s nothing quite like rooting around elbow deep under a mountain of gear, trying to find your toolkit (yeah, we’ve been there). With a Double Decker bag, you get two zippers instead of one, with a horizontal divider to separate the two compartments.

      The divider also provides width control, which actually gives you more volume on very large frames (like larger steel road bikes). On a really big frame, without a divider you end up losing volume around the edges. A divided bag allows for a more rectangular cross-section.

      Burly Zippers

      On a frame bag, the zipper is always the weakest point. We hate landfills so we use the strongest zippers we could find: #10 YKK molded tooth zips that shed dirt and mud easily.

      We’ll optionally add a strip of stretch Cordura fabric, which helps reduce peak load on the zipper, especially when you pack the bag a little more full than it should be (which nobody ever does, right?).

      Non-Abrasive Divider

      Instead of using straight hook-and-loop for our divider, which is hard to adjust and can be abrasive on your gear, we sew smaller strips onto light-colored fabric. As a bonus, the bright fabric makes it easier to find small items.

      Additional information

      Hydration Port

      Standard on all frame bags.


      YKK #10 molded tooth zippers.