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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our bags are made of waterproof fabric, but not all our bags are waterproof.

  • Our Gila and Ripsey dry bags are seam taped to be waterproof against rain
  • The Gila and Ripsey rolltop closures don't have a rubber seal for waterproofness against submersion
  • The rest of our product line is water resistant, not waterproof (including frame bags and top tube bags)

First off, check whether your bike is in our list of frames on file. The easiest way to do that is to go to our Custom Frame Bag Builder and look for your bike in the dropdown menus. If your bike is there and it doesn't say "Photo Needed" then you're good to go!

If we don't have your bike on file, don't fret - we just need a photo of your bike with a ruler. Check out our PandaVision instructions here.

Our lead times are listed on each made-to-order product page. We keep those lead times up to date, so just check them out before placing an order.

If you have a trip coming up and it's on the edge of our lead time, just reach out - often we can make it work.

Generally, no. Although we make custom frame bags, we don't make bags that would require serious design work outside the norm.

Anything that requires significant customization in 3 dimensions would slow us down and detract from our primary focus of providing reasonably priced bikepacking gear to our customers - sorry!

If you want something outside of our offerings, there are plenty of smaller one or two-person shops around who are better able to handle that sort of thing.

Most likely! We ship to most of the world - just enter your address at checkout to see shipping rates.

Note that our prices do NOT include VAT. If you're in the EU, you will have to pay VAT when your package reaches customs. For other countries the same applies.

For Canada, you will owe taxes (national and provincial) when your package arrives. NAFTA means duty free, not tax free.

All of our bags are made in our Flagstaff workshop. We do weekly frame bag and top tube bag runs, aiming to keep our lead time as short as possible.

Our Ripsey seat bag has some parts that are made elsewhere - for example our aluminum saddle clamps are cut in Reno, NV and machined in Bozeman, MT. But the dry bag and final assembly of the Ripsey is still done in Flagstaff.

Maybe! Click here for our Careers page to see current open positions!

You may have seen the term "hook and loop" throughout our product pages. It's what's more commonly known as "Velcro®", but we use a different brand so we call it hook and loop instead.

Click here for an education video from the Velcro® corporation on the subject. Warning: contains bleeped profanity. Yes, really. It's worth a watch.