Highline Seat Bag

From: $165

Optional Features


The Highline is our flagship seat bag – it’s stable, waterproof, and has best-in-class tire clearance (shorter riders rejoice!). It even works on a dropper post (with two Wolf Tooth Valais clamps). What more could you ask for?


The Highline has a unique design that hugs the seat post more than most seat bags. That, combined with HDPE stiffeners, sleek design and 2-to-1 side straps make it the most stable bag we’ve ever created – all without the need for any metal parts.

Tire Clearance

The same sleek design that results in a stable bag also means better tire clearance – the Highline can do with just 6 inches from saddle rails to tire. That’s great news for shorter riders, or anyone riding a full suspension 29er.


The Highline comes with a removable X-Pac dry bag that you can seam seal for waterproofness (we’ll ship a tube of sealant with the bag if you live in the US). We sew the bag with the seams on the outside, so all that’s needed is one line of Seam Grip along the inside seam to protect against rain. That said, while we’re confident about water falling from the sky, submersion is another story. The sewn rolltop could leak (slowly) if submerged. But until someone creates the Mid-Atlantic Ridge MTB route, we’re not gonna worry about that.


The standard Highline weighs 15oz. For the weight weenies, we’ve also added a Dyneema Composite Fabric option that drops the weight to 12oz! We’re not usually big fans of DCF for use in bags, but in this case the simplicity of the bag allows us to use a lighter weight 1.0oz DCF to make the weight savings a bit more significant. And more importantly, it’s a case where the bag is easy to patch if needed (duck tape works fine, tenacious tape is even better).

Dropper Post Compatibility

The Highline can work with two Wolf Tooth Valais clamps to attach to a dropper post (the top one should be mounted upside-down). You’ll lose 2.5 inches of travel, but we think that’s an acceptable compromise for the stability you get from attaching your bag to your stanchion. That said, adding cantilevered weight to any dropper could potentially wear components down faster inside your post. We recommend limiting the weight in the Highline to 3 pounds but there is still a possibility of wear. If you’re gonna do a lot of bikepacking, a dropper post with replaceable expanding keys like the 9point8 Fall Line is a great investment.

What’s in a Name?

The name Highline is one that strikes fear into everyone who races the AZT 750. It’s a notorious hike-a-bike, and racers have been known to bring hiking shoes just for that section. We named the Highline Seat Bag after it because it’s stable enough to ride even the chunkiest sections of the AZT (when they’re rideable at all, that is).

Additional information

Weight 15 oz

6-11 L

Minimum Tire Clearance:

6.5 Inches