Alamogordo Top Tube Bag

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The Alamogordo (call him ‘Gordo for short) is just like our Alamo top tube bag, only fatter. If you are what you eat, the Gordo eats Snickers bars – it can hold up to 16!

High BMI aside, it’s remarkably stable for its size. The same features that make the Alamo such a stable and easy-to-use design are present in the Gordo as well.

Easy-to-Use Single Zipper

The Alamogordo has a single zipper running the length of the bag, for fast one-handed access while riding. The smoothly contoured design of the bag, plus stiff HDPE side panels keep the zipper running smoothly whether the bag is empty or stuffed full of snacks.

Large Opening and Bright Interior

We make our top tube bags with full length zippers, to give you as wide of an opening as possible. The inside is lined with light gray fabric throughout, so you can easily see the contents. In addition, the bottom and front are padded with foam to protect your stuff.

Daisy-Chain Non-Slip Bottom Straps

The Alamogordo has a daisy chain of webbing on the bottom, backed with non-slip rubberized fabric. Movable straps (also backed with non-slip) can be moved to accommodate braze-ons or frame bag straps.

The result is an incredibly stable connection that almost makes the headset strap unnecessary, while allowing for the flexibility of movable straps.

The Alamogordo is about an inch bigger in all dimensions than the Alamo, which results in 50% more capacity (that’s over 1000 extra calories if you fill that with Snickers!).

It should fit most riders with no leg interference while seated. Some riders may have their legs rub a bit while pedaling out of the saddle. Many will find it an acceptable compromise for the extra capacity, but which bag to get is a very personal decision. If you order one and it doesn’t work for you, you can exchange it for an Alamo, which should fit everyone without issue

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Phone Fit In The Gordo?
The Alamogordo will fit pretty much any phone on its side, including the iPhone Plus.
Will My Beer Fit In The Gordo?
The Alamogordo will fit a 16oz pint can horizontally.

What’s in a Name?

Alamo Canyon is a beautiful passage of the Arizona Trail, and Gordo means “fat” in Spanish. “Alamogordo” is also the name of a town in New Mexico. We love NM, but that’s just a coincidence.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 oz

1.5 liters / 16 Snickers bars (full-size)


The Alamogordo is 9" long. At the front it's 3.5" wide and 4" tall, and it tapers to 2.5" wide by 2.5" tall at the rear.