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Sardine Multi-Tool

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What's more useful than a can of sardines in your tool kit? The Sardine Multi-Tool by Equipt Japan! This is the coolest tool we've seen in a long time and when we saw it, we just had to have it!

Just like a can of sardines, the Sardine tool contains all the essentials*. In this case that's 3, 4, 5, and 6mm allen keys, plus a Torx 25 bit. It comes with a 3d printed holder, or just put it in a bike bag! We know where you can buy one of those. Hint, hint.

Oh, and we buried the lead - the Sardine weighs a svelte 38 grams! Over the course of a multi-day bikepacking trip, that'll save you ... some watts. Calculate how many if you want - or just treat yourself to a Sardine and marvel in its sleek and smart design**.

*This sentence should not be mistaken for nutritional advice. We do not endorse a diet of entirely sardines. Please consult a registered dietitian before considering something so radical.

**Placebo watts are better than real watts, anyway.