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Panda Chaos Trail Glove

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Have you ever wanted to blind your friends with panda brilliance? Make them say "My eyes, the goggles do nothing!" with our Panda Chaos Trail Glove!

With too many pandas to count, these gloves will keep your hands protected and bring some joy to your next ride. It's sort of like having 100 panda mascots with you on every ride, cheering you on to hit that next drop*. Don't miss out on the chaos!

Our gloves are made by Trail Manos, based here in Arizona. Trail Manos gloves are designed to be the perfect riding glove for all above-freezing conditions. Features include:

  • Four way stretch mesh on top of the hand conforming to your hand
  • Velcro-free
  • Sweat cloth thumb for wiping away dirt and sweat
  • Synthetic leather palm with silicone panda on the palm for extra grip
  • Padding free design with ventilation holes in the palm for breathability

*Rogue Panda is not responsible for any consequences resulting from "hitting that drop". Panda gloves are no substitute for experience, please ride within your abilities!