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GlidePlate Head Tube Protector

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The GlidePlate was designed for our Canelo Handlebar Harness, but it works perfectly with any other harness or bag that uses a strap to attach to the head tube.

Note: The GlidePlate requires a minimum of 7 inches of circumference - it will not work on many steel frames. Steel frames with a tapered steerer tube and a metal head tube badge will work with the GlidePlate, otherwise it works best on aluminum and carbon bikes.

Triple Layer Construction:

  • Outer Layer: Plastic that allows your bag or harness to smoothly glide side to side as you turn.
  • Middle Layer: 1/8" foam to keep that headtube badge nice and padded.
  • Inner Layer: Slip-Not! This stuff keeps the GlidePlate from moving when you turn your handlebars. It is SUPER grippy and in charge of keeping your paint fresher than a farmers market!

Want to see it in action? Check out the review on the Canelo Handlebar Harness here!