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Canelo Handlebar Harness


This just in - we're now selling double-ended dry bags to pair with the Canelo - check them out here.

Looking for a lightweight handlebar harness that can take the roughest terrain you can throw at it? You’re in luck! We designed the Canelo Handlebar Harness for the rough singletrack of Arizona and ended up with a design so solid, you'll want to introduce it to your family...because you're gonna love it...and want to keep it forever.

With a carbon fiber bar to add stability and a GlidePlate to hold the harness tight to your head tube while protecting your bike from abrasion, this handlebar harness checks all the boxes.


A Rogue Panda original, the GlidePlate provides a smooth turning experience while holding your harness tight against the head tube for maximum stability.

Note: The GlidePlate requires a head tube with a circumference of seven inches or more. For steel frame bikes, we ship a short strap to use instead of the GlidePlate – you will need to tape your head tube to protect against abrasion when using the small strap.

Super Stable Design

The Canelo was designed with no compromises when it comes to stability on rough terrain. It straps to your handlebars with the same ultra-grippy straps we’ve used on our top tube bags for years. We've also added rubber spacers to provide room for your brakes and shifters without losing stability.

A carbon fiber bar runs through the spacers to create a solid place to strap down your dry bag with the three webbing straps included with the harness.


Weight 8oz
Carbon Fiber Bar Length 12 inches


Map of Arizona with location of the Canelo Hills shown

Behind the Name

The Canelo Handlebar Harness is named after the Canelo Hills portion of the Arizona Trail, which traverses beautiful grasslands and rolling hills in Southern AZ.