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FiberFix Emergency Spoke


Breaking a spoke on a bikepacking trip is the WORST*. Next time it happens, be prepared with a FiberFix Spoke!

The FiberFix Spoke is a brilliant invention, with 3 key benefits over carrying a traditional spoke for repair:

  • No need to remove cassettes or brake rotors to replace a spoke!!!
  • Fits any size spoke - carry one and it will work for any spoke on your wheelset!
  • Compact size - instead of duct-taping a spare spoke to your seat tube, just pop a FiberFix in one of your bags and forget about it.

If you're still uncertain about riding on a spoke made of cord, consider the fact that people are making entire wheelsets out of fiber spokes these days. You might need a physics degree to understand how that works, but all you need to install a FiberFix spoke is the included instructions. Throw one in your tool kit today!

FiberFix Spokes are made by our friends at Morrison-Barrios down in Tucson, AZ.

*It's actually a first-world problem, Karen**. Next time you break a spoke, take a deep breath and revel in the fact that you're out riding your bike! Then whip out your trusty FiberFix and fix that spoke.

**No offense to the Karens of the world. We've been told you're lovely people.