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Born on the Arizona Trail

We make our bags in Flagstaff, Arizona, and the rugged Arizona Trail passes within a mile of our workshop. Thru-bikers pass through the shop sometimes, and we get our inspiration from the terrain around us.

Our philosophy is to design for singletrack first, so our bags are durable enough to take anywhere. Whether you're shredpacking on a full suspension bike, or just hauling groceries home on your townie, your gear will go the distance.

Meet the Pandas



Best known for: developing obscure ice cream flavors.

Dog's Name: Norris (elderly border collie)

After doing conservation work, Nick started his own bikepacking company and then took up artisanal ice cream making. Ever dreamed of eating hay flavored ice cream? Yea, neither had we.

Nick gets his vitamin D riding his Revel Rascal on local trails, hiking in the Grand Canyon and climbing anywhere you can find rocks.


Master of Seams

Best known for: hosting the brunch party you wish you were invited to.

Tommy joined Rogue Panda in 2016 with 25+ years of costume design experience. Looking for unmatched wit or an 1800-era costume—look no further.

Outside of work, you'll find him hosting friends—old, new and yet to be—to a brunch, happy hour, karaoke or a drag show.


Lead Sewist

Best known for: rocking Arizona's official neckwear any day of the week.

Dog's Name: Bozo (husky)

As a rule, Forrest doesn't own a vehicle or bike younger than himself. So, he's gotten pretty good at fixing them when they break down.

At the shop, Forrest manages the production of all our universal bike bags - that's everything from top tube bags to Snack Sacks.



Best known for: her infectious laugh.

Dog's Name: Rupert and Winry (cattle dogs)

Talking to plants, cats cuddles and long snowy dog walks; according to Steph, ain't no better way to spend a day!



Best known for: his unrequited love of Toby McGuire.

Dog's Name: Zola

Kai makes the world a better place by almost exclusively biking to work. And when he does drive, he makes the workshop a better place by bringing Zola with him.

Kai started off sewing Top Tube bags and then moved to Frame Bags. This guy—he does it all!



Best known for: his signature shop apron.

Dog's Name: Neil (greyhound)

Sam served his time in the Navy, so you know he can rock a suit and that boy sure does know how to clean.

Apart from sewing anything you need him to, Sam can master mind any workshop build we throw at him.


Mayhem Manager

Best known for: sneaking up behind you, covering your eyes and saying, "Guess who."

We rescued Ted from an attic, where he was sitting gathering dust. Now he’s free to pursue a life of rogue activities, such as:

  • Double dipping his bamboo
  • Directing tourists to Walmart instead of the trail
  • Putting his empty milk carton back in the fridge



Best known for: being the most mysterious man in Flagstaff.

How It All Began

Circa 2011, Flagstaff made national news when someone hacked a construction sign and changed the message to "ROGUE PANDA ON RAMPAGE." Our founder Nick was driving his crew of volunteers home from a trail workhitch when he passed the sign and had a laugh.

A few years later, Nick got into a make-your-own-gear phase, sewing everything from sleeping bags to frame bags. Soon enough friends started requesting frame bags, and he thought back to that road sign that said Rogue Panda.

Eight years later, we've grown into a larger team, but the philosophy is still the same - building the best products we can, without losing touch of our wacky, dirtbag roots.