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Alamo Top Tube Bag

Starting at $75.00

Looking for the Alamogordo Top Tube Bag? It's now a different size of the Alamo. Same great bag, new website layout. Just click Customize above and select the Gordo size.

Meet your best biking bud. With one-handed zipper access and sturdy attachments, you can add storage to your top tube without messing with your flow.

The Alamo's tapered design creates more volume with minimal leg rub. The regular size will fit just about any bike, and the Gordo will fit most. Some riders will have minor leg rub when running the Gordo (usually when standing up to pedal). However, we find that to be an acceptable compromise for more storage.

All of our top tube bags (bolt-on excluded) have a sewn-in daisy chain and are shipped with non-slip straps. This provides flexibility for where you want your straps to attach to your bike. In other words: our top tube bags play nicely with others.

Design Features:

  • HDPE Side Panels for structure
  • Full-length zipper for maximum opening size
  • Padding on all frame contact points
  • YKK water-resistant zippers


Size Regular Gordo
Volume (liters) 0.9 liters 1.5 liters
Volume (full-size Snickers) 11 16


4 oz
5.5 oz

Map of Arizona with location of Alamo Canyon marked

Behind the Name

All of our bags are named after sections of the Arizona Trail, which runs within a mile of our workshop in Flagstaff.

Alamo Canyon is a lovely section of the AZT, full of sublime singletrack with beautiful views of Picketpost Mountain.

The large size is called the Gordo 'cause we love New Mexico and cottonwoods too... Alamogordo ... get it?