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Partial Frame Bag

Base price $160

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  • Designs by Kate George

    • Did you know you could add your own custom design for an additional cost?
      Email us to start the conversation. When we've worked out the details, we'll let you know how to order.

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      Want a frame bag, AND bottle cages? We hear ya’ – we like bottles too. Our partial frame bags are sized to fit in your frame around your bottles, so you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s the perfect bag to store the essentials for a long ride – food, brewskies, extra water, extra brewskies… maybe even cake.

      Perfect Fit for any Bike

      It doesn't matter whether you have a hardtail, a rigid bike, or a full suspension - all of our frame bags are custom made to fit your bike like a glove. We have an extensive list of saved templates for bike frames - click the button below to see if your bike's on it:

      If we have your bike on file, just enter it in the notes box above. Otherwise, we just need a photo of your bike with a tape measure, and we'll use our PandaVision technology to make a perfectly fitted bag.

      Click here to see the PandaVision instructions.

      Burly Zippers

      It sucks to throw something away before it’s time, and zippers are often a weak point. That’s why we use #10 YKK Molded Tooth zips on all of our frame bags. They shed dirt and mud easily and YKK makes them right here in the US.

      Bright Interior

      We use bright fabrics along the edges of our frame bags, as well as the liner for the side pocket. Even the sides of the bag are bright on the inside, regardless of exterior color*.

      *The only exception is the Black Camo fabric, which does not come with a bright interior built-in. If you order a black camo bag you will still have bright fabric on the bottom of your bag and on the side pocket, which is where it matters the most for tracking down small items.

      Additional information

      Hydration Port

      Standard on all frame bags.


      YKK #10 molded tooth zippers.