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Canelo Handlebar Harness


The Canelo is back and better than ever! With new ultralight foam spacers and a simplified construction, the Canelo V2 weighs less on the scale *and* weighs less on your wallet.

Ultralight Design

The original Canelo had rubber spacers to pair with its carbon fiber bar. For the V2, we searched far and wide for a lightweight foam that wouldn't collapse over time. When we finally found it, we took the opportunity to change our spacer design as well.

Our new spacers have angled ends, which positions your dry bag higher on the head tube. This provides more clearance from your tire and makes for a better fit overall, especially on small-sized bikes.

The V2 spacers will fit handlebars between 22mm and 35mm diameter.

GlidePlate - Now Optional

A Rogue Panda original, the GlidePlate provides a smooth turning experience while holding your harness tight against the head tube for maximum stability.

Because the GlidePlate doesn't work with all frames, we've made it an optional accessory. For most steel frames you'll need to use the included strap instead and tape your frame to protect from abrasion. The GlidePlate requires a minimum head tube circumference of 7 inches.


Weight 6 oz
Handlebar Diameter 22 to 35mm
Carbon Fiber Bar Length 12 inches


Map of Arizona with location of the Canelo Hills shown

Behind the Name

The Canelo Handlebar Harness is named after the Canelo Hills portion of the Arizona Trail, which traverses beautiful grasslands and rolling hills in Southern AZ.