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Blue Ridge Handlebar Harness

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Enter the Blue Ridge - our most stable handlebar harness yet! With CNC-machined aluminum clamps (made right here in Flagstaff!), the Blue Ridge holds your dry bag securely in place with no need for a head tube attachment.

Twin carbon fiber bars hold your load away from your head tube, and nylon shims protect your handlebar (available in 35mm, 31.8mm and 22.2mm sizes). The end result is a handlebar harness that just. won't. move.

Design Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber construction
  • Fits 22.2, 31.8, and 35mm handlebars
  • No head tube attachment!
  • Straps are attached to the harness for less fiddling
  • Holds weight close to the handlebar for minimum flex
  • Available with locking plastic buckles or USA-made Austere Mfg Cam Buckles


Weight 8.5oz / 240g
Carbon Fiber Bar Length 12 inches / 300mm
Carrying Capacity We recommend sticking below 6lbs/3kg. The harness won't break above that point, but we haven't tested loads above 6 pounds.

Behind the Name

All of our bags are named after sections of the Arizona Trail, which runs within a mile of our workshop in Flagstaff.

Blue Ridge is a peaceful, forested section of the AZT that passes near the reservoir formerly known as Blue Ridge Reservoir (it's now called C.C. Cragin Reservoir, but the AZT still honors the old name).

If winter was wet enough, the reservoir provides much needed moisture in spring to parched AZT riders and hikers!