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AZ Panda 36oz Water Bottle


We live in the thirsty state of Arizona, so we searched far and wide for the perfect water bottle for long dusty rides! And then we put a panda on it, 'cause that's what we do.

Printed with a design inspired by the Arizona Flag, this Soma Further Water Bottle holds a whopping 36 ounces! (that's 1.06 liters for all y'all in the rest of the world). It's the largest bottle in existence that fits into standard water bottle cages.

The Further is super useful for fork-mounted applications, if your fork is into that sort of thing. It's also great for use with Wedge Frame Bags - just make sure your frame has enough room to fit a bottle that's 11 5/8" tall!


Capacity 36oz/1.06 liters
Weight 3.6oz/100g


11 5/8"/295mm
Valve Type "Big Flow" Push/Pull
Material LDPE