Picketpost Seat Bag (Clearance)


Optional Features


Discontinued: The PicketpostĀ is the first seat bag we ever made. It’s seen a lot of miles but it’s being retired in 2019. We have a few left in that we are selling off at a discounted price.

The Picketpost is designed specifically for hardtail bikes, and maximizes use of the space behind the seatpost. It requires at least 7″ of exposed seatpost to fit.

The bag has a plastic stiffener on the bottom and can compress vertically with straps to your seat rails. This helps to avoid rear wheel interference on bikes where clearance is tight, and it also adds some stability. It has a rolltop closure that also compresses the load for stability.

Picketposts in Black, Gray or Red ship with a small tube of Seam Grip to seal the seams, if ordered within the US. If you are overseas, sorry but we can’t legally ship Seam Grip by air. You’ll have to buy it locally, or use another urethane-based sealer.

The Picketpost has a minimum packed size of 6 liters and a maximum of 13 liters.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz

6-13 liters