Bottle Cage Adapter



This is an adapter to move a bottle cage up or down in your frame by up to 2 inches. It’s made by a company called Mount Skidmore in Australia. We sell them because they have great potential to improve clearance for partial framebags. If you’re buying a partial framebag, you can purchase one of these along with the framebag. Then take a photo of your bike with a ruler (instructions here), including your cages and bottles on your bike. Then let us know how you intend to move the cages and we can maximize the size of your framebag!

We chose this model over other companies’ adapters for a few reasons. First, it’s bomber (Tour Divide tested!). Second, it has a lot of adjustment range, up to 2 inches up or down. Third – it’s light! We measured one at 23 grams.

Note that the adapter is 5mm thick, so your cage will be that much farther away from the frame (or 10mm away if you use the included spacers to clear a derailleur mount).


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