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Top Tube Bags

The Story

Innovating since 2014

When we first started making custom frame bags back in 2014, the state of the art was to cut out a pizza box and mail it to your frame bag builder.

That seemed like a pretty silly process (it's the 21st century after all), so from the very beginning we started using photos instead of cardboard for our frame bags. It's better for the environment, easier on our customers, and produces better bags to boot.

8 years later our methods have evolved, but the basic steps are stil the same - take a photo, send it to us, and wait for your bag to arrive!

Pandavision FAQ

We need the flat perspective that comes from distance - basically we want every part of the bike frame to be at the same distance away from the camera, so the scale is the same everywhere.

The only way to do this is to step back a minimum of 15 feet. If you have a nice camera you can step back 20-30 feet away for a more precise result.

Unfortunately, bike geometry charts don't have enough information about the frame triangle to make a bag.

Geometry charts are designed for rider-specific dimensions (like stack and reach), and they don't give any info about the inside of the frame.

Congrats on getting a custom frame! Whether a drawing works or not depends on the drawing - feel free to email it to and we'll take a look.

One thing to note is that for some frame builders the CAD drawing is a guideline for geometry, but things like bolt locations or the exact placement of the top tube might change - check with your frame builder to see if that's the case.